Southerners in Blue: They
Defied the Confederacy

By Don Umphrey

ISBN-13 978-0-9714958-1-4
ISBN-10 0-9714958-1-5

(Hard-cover, 350 pages with 8 photo pages and 3 maps)


Southerners in Blue:  They Defied the Confederacy

A county in the south declares its neutrality in the Civil War and then secedes from the state.

Southern men turn their backs on their secessionist neighbors and form their own Union regiment.

A slave-owning minister heads an underground pro-Union movement.

"As I shared tidbits of my research findings with friends, most were surprised to hear conventional knowledge about the Civil War turned upside down."

-- Author Don Umphrey from the Introduction


Cracks in the Confederacy usually don't show up in American History 101 or even 102. But they are what the author discovered when doing research on his great-grandfather in the Civil War. Though this ancestor lived in Alabama, he and many of his neighbors were called Tories because of their allegiance to a strong Union. Hostilities grew as these Union-minded southerners balked at serving in the Confederate army. Some donned Union uniforms and subsequently paid the ultimate price for their convictions. When these men went off to the Union army, their families suffered as Confederates confiscated their belongings. As the war heated up, individuals committed atrocities against people they'd known for years. The conflict was truly neighbor-to-neighbor. Lawlessness finally reigned as the families of both Confederate and Union soldiers were terrorized.

Animosities were so great when the war was over, most survivors wouldn't talk about what had happened. The silence continued for generations. The author spent some eight years piecing together this true story. He used his great-grandfather's written memories and many, often obscure documents.

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" ... Southerners in Blue is a MUST READ. Don Umphrey removes the myths of this era and replaces them with what actually occurred. The events were sometimes bloody and painful, men became more like wild animals than humans, but this is the affect of war..."

Roger Burdge, The Northwest Alabamian


"Southerners in Blue is the true and little known story of individuals who lived in the South yet balked at Confederate rule in the Civil War era. Describing ruthless hostilities neighbor inflicted upon neighbor for being sympathetic to Union or Confederate causes, Southerners in Blue reveals a hidden and horrific side of the war that tore America in two. As gut-wrenching as the battlefield carnage, Southerners in Blue is a unique, exceptionally well written and welcome addition to academic Civil War reference library collections and very highly recommended for the personal reading lists of Civil War buffs."

The Midwest Book Review